I'm Over It {rusty baking pans]

2:12 PM

I'm starting a new irregularly scheduled edition of blog posts called "I'm Over It". 
I will gripe about something, and then provide you whatever solution I found (that I may gripe about later). 


I'm over rusty baking sheets leaving rust in my white sink (look, I know I should just wash it faster, but I need a baking sheet with a 24 48 hour grace period). 

I looked at the sink the other day and thought, we put big metal things in space... non-rusting baking sheets MUST exist. So I did what anyone wanting anything in a new-found hurry does; I looked on Google and then ordered with Amazon Prime.

Here's my non-rusting Nordic Ware "will never rust for a lifetime of durability" Baking Sheet.
I'll let you know if this thing ever rusts.  But for $11, its worth a shot!

And if you already knew about this, WHY didn't you tell me already?

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