Thirteen and Three

8:20 PM

My girls turned T H I R T E E N and T H R E E recently!!!
I can't tell you how much I love them, or how much attitude comes with either age.

Kaylie is kind, artistic, even keel, and so like my mother in ways that drive them both nuts to be around me. I love you both, and so glad you have each other. : )

Wrenly is naturally hilarious, such a good sleeper, the messiest, most tactile kid I've ever met, and makes me smile when she lets me in her world.

Harper is smart, motherly by nature, serious about cleaning, and has a level of anxiety that may even overshadow my own.  I'm sorry about that last one kiddo, but I'm here for you, always.

To the three of you: 
I hope you are always comfortable to be you; I hope you always love each other; and I beg of you to stop leaving your food in my car.

Somehow, with the help of my talented mom and Ryan's wonderful parents, we pulled off a 

Peppa Pig / Paw Patrol / Pocky 

And now here's my phone dump, most likely in the order I took pictures that day:



Icing makes the ears & nose stick!



Wrenly just needs to touch...
Harper's being motherly...

My mom's face about this conversation...



Pig Wrestling




Some of these balloons are still up there.

And because I love you so much, girls, here's a quote selection for each of you from Gilmore Girls:

Rory: How am I supposed to get into Harvard if I have no wilderness skills?
Lorelai: I don’t know, honey. Maybe you’ll have to give up your dream of majoring in Logging.


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