Review of Trunk Club for Women

2:01 PM

I'm starting this post with a quote from Oscar de la Renta, since I kind of love his work...

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself."

And that is what this little blog is about... Style.

So, I was all about Marie Kondo's Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up before we moved across a few states recently to clear my house and mind.  It was great, and we hauled about 11 loads to the landfill, donated countless items, and gave several things away.  While I'm feeling much better about what surrounds me right now (I'm not kidding anyone here, my house is still a mess with dogs, kids, and me), I wanted to work on putting meaningful pieces in my closet.

I have tried Stitch Fix, and enjoyed it for the most part.  However, I didn't feel it was very personal, and I just wasn't getting quite what I wanted.  NOTE: this could be largely my fault for not attempting to work harder at communicating what I wanted.

Enter Trunk Club for Women.  One night I thought I would give it a try for one month and see how I felt about it.  To my shock and awe, a live person stylist started chatting with me during the sign up.  She asked legit specific questions about what I do, what I wanted, what I look like, where I shop... Um, these are things I ask my clients for photo shoot styling!  I was impressed.

My stylist put together items and I could review them before the trunk shipped.  Those $300 silk shirts... deleted.  Don't ship them.  I have kids, and dogs.

My trunk arrived a few days later, and here's some of what I got (in awful low quality photos):



I tried them all on, and had a couple of immediate "no"s, and a few maybes.  I walked away.

I let them all float around in my thoughts while I worked, and went about my life for a while.

I came back to my closet, and this is where magic happens.
Since I'd thought about each piece in context of my closet, and then had them all right there to try on with things in my closet, I could easily see where they fit in with the rest of what I own, what they'd replace, or what I didn't need.  I also had easy access to accessories and shoes I already owned.  I am one of those gals that likes to buy in outfits, so this keeps me from over buying (oh, I already had a leopard scarf and tan shoes).  It also lets you see how versatile something might be with other items you already have.  And finally, it helps you to dig through your closet and find things to revive or donate.

Here's the real winner-winner-chicken-dinner from my trunk:



I loved a few other items in the trunk, like those black Seychelles booties (which I had asked for fall booties), but they were sadly not the right fit, and I would prefer brown.  I may give my stylist this feedback, and see if she can send some next time.  Like other subscriptions, there's a label in the trunk to send what you don't want back, and you have 5 days to try everything on.
I recommend giving yourself one or two of those days, at least, to consider some items.
The styling fee is $25, which gets credited to any item(s) you choose to keep.

AND, I really want a fitness trunk... which they now have! So maybe I'll do some workout stuff, maybe start rocking the red dress a bit better? Just a thought.  I am going to make sure I have some wine in the pantry.

Go get yourself a Trunk Club subscription, and choose clothing pieces that are your style.


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