Blue White, the Fairest Dresser of Them All

6:51 AM

I am all in for this dresser at $27.50.  [Pause for dramatic effect].

Yes, that's how much I paid for it at auction (well, I bought a set for $55, so this piece is half the set).

I already had all of the supplies.  I challenged myself to find a style for it that only involved paint and supplies I already had.  I think it turned out beautiful; and in fact, I'm keeping it.

1. Canvas from Home Depot to avoid spills on the new concrete driveway
2. Brushes (1.5 inch, a wax brush, and a couple of foam brushes)
3. Deglosser and rubber gloves
4. Sanding blocks (medium and fine grit)
5. Sandpaper (fine)
6. Milk paint (this time I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint, and General Finishes Milk Paint )
7. Bonding Agent
8. Furniture Wax and a rag


Someone had (in my opinion) defiled this dresser with about 6 coats of clear varnish.  It was on all the pieces of furniture I got that day, and could, in part, account for the deals I got.  What's worse, no one even took the hardware off before applying said varnish.  It was dried on dripping off the handles. 

It's like when you've put one too many coats of nail polish on and it just doesn't go well.

I applied the deglosser and let it sit for a night. 
I think the brand I used may have changed their labeling.  Use sexy gloves.

This stuff wasn't going to work on its own for this job.  While I know it helped to prep for paint adhesion, I needed to sand too.

It always looks worse before it looks better.

Time to paint.  I added the bonding agent to the Slate Blue color for the drawers.

This was one of three coats.

Lightly sand after dry to get a smooth finish.

This is an awful picture because I was finishing up late last night. 
Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Wax is da bomb diggity!   Finish any indoor furniture with this that you don't want to shine like polyurethane, but have a protective smooth finish.
I also love a wax brush (an investment, but worth it).

When the wax has "dried", I use a rag that I think is meant for cleaning your car to rub the wax into a dull shine.

I used a fine sanding block to lightly distress corners and drawer edges.

My inspectors signed off on my work.


The desk/vanity that was the other half of the set will be coming soon! 
And then I will have to post about the spare bedroom redo when I get them in there.

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