Simple Laundry Room Shelf

4:03 PM

The only power tool I used for this simple laundry room shelf was a cordless drill. I could have used the sander and the table saw, but I didn't.

 The reason is probably buried in my lovers' quarrel with my new router table. I was hoping the next post would be about a wine rack I designed... but the router table and I are still in that first year of marriage stage (ugh). So, I had an itch to get something done.

 And the last project I painted with Miss Mustard Seed's "Curio" milk paint color BROKE the first time I sat on it.

Ace Hardware was kind enough to accept the broken chair and replace it. That doesn't ease my frustration, or my desire to use "Curio" for good versus disappointment.

For the already mentioned wine rack plan, I had purchased some 1x12 common boards at Home Depot, and they are kind enough to cut your boards for you when you bring your measurements. Based on the lengths of the common boards they sell, I was going to have some left over board.  That's where this shelf comes in.  I did have to cut some of the length of the left over piece down to fit in the laundry room.  I used a hand saw for that little cut.

I used a sanding block to sand the ends and gave all the edges and both sides a quick sand.  Then, mixed my MMS paint with water.  I like to mix the powder paint in a small canning glass jar.  Since I have little children, I don't always get to finish a project, so I can put the lid on the paint and store it in the fridge even 'til the next day.  I mixed the paint extremely thin because I wanted it more of a stain than paint.

Get to painting!  I used a 1.5 in brush because that was the first thing I grabbed.  You can also use foam brushes or even a rag.  I did use a rag at some points to rub it in some places.  I used two coats.  I always prefer more coats of thinner paint, even when I am going for "painted" versus stained.

I used MMS Furniture Wax to seal it.  LOVE that stuff!
It doesn't take long to dry, and then I buffed it out with a rag.
I had bought shelf hardware at Home Depot the same time I bought the boards for, sigh, wine rack.
They've just been sitting there patiently waiting.
Use a stud finder to find the studs, figure out the height you want the shelf and use the bracket hardware to mark your drill holes with a pen.
The screws I used were what the bracket hardware label recommended.
Drill in the wall and the shelf, and done!
I really should find a way to cover the hose insert.
What's in the "stuff" pot, you ask?
The stuff momma uses that other people keep walking off with!
And speaking of "those" people... One finished 5th grade today:
And another of "those" people said, "Oh good, a shelf, and you decorated it; how convenient."
Well, we do have a whole messy shelf unit next to the washer and dryer...  
So, can a lady get a pretty shelf??
It will look just the same next week, but, five people & three dogs necessitates function over form.
Here's a simple, functional shelf, y'all.
Get your milk paint in store or online at The Ironstone Nest!

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