Friday Favorites

6:00 AM

Because Fridays remind us of fun ahead, I thought I would try writing about a few things that are fun (keeping me from going completely insane) in my life every some Fridays.

1. Tart eye makeup - I am no make-up artist (I don't even get it on some days), but the Tartlette Palette color names are awesome, and the shadow is working out pretty well too!

2. Savor - I just started this 365 day devotional, but I am already loving it.  My mind gets chaotic, and this calms it, and reminds me to slow down and pay attention to the amazing-ness all around me.

3. The Astronaut Wives Club (on Audible) - The plan I have with Audible allows me one book a month for a fixed monthly subscription (which is way lower than the normal cost of an audiobook).  It makes me be very calculated in what I listen to for my commute to work.  On weekends, I could listen to it during the twins' naps on headphones, but I usually save it for the drive time.  This book is true, and especially entertaining to me as an aviation management major, who attended classes at Ellington Airfield with NASA employees and contractors as professors.  #funfact

4. Instagram stalk worthy: @thrifylittles - This awesome mama lets you know what's on major sale and where.  I find some really cool things I had no idea existed, and discounted!  The IG feed is perfect to know when I'm interested in something to go read the full blog post.

5. Blog spotlight: - I am so spastic in my blog reading that I often miss several posts on blogs I love, and then binge read.  Emily and Jenn's is one I love to go catch up on.  Emily's twin girls' are about the same age as mine, and she has impeccable style.  And both of these gals share my love of Texas (home).

What's been keeping you going, adding some fun, inspiring your life lately?

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