Adjusted Attitude and Age (5 things and 5 months)

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A few friends have tagged me recently to state X amount of things I'm thankful for over X amount of days.  I am too long winded for character limits and unable to remember to stick to those things over more than one day, so I'm planting my gratitude gab right 'chere.
I'm also tailing this post with some chronicles of the twins (adjusted age five months).

Ok, so even though this is a "what I'm thankful for" post, it is still kind of selfish.  I'm totally fighting to stay positive these last few days being under the weather (I just polished off a family size can of chicken noodle soup), and writing this has health benefits:

"In one study, one group of participants were asked to name five things they’re grateful for every day, while another group was asked to list five hassles. Those expressing gratitude were not only happier and more optimistic, they reported fewer physical symptoms (such as headache, cough, nausea, or acne). " Source: MindBodyGreen  ...  and my mom.

This past year has been difficult.  I mean, 109 days of hospital time, can't get well in this house, haven't been out to eat for a dinner since the twins came home difficult.  I have operated fairly well, but not without the help of several friends and family near and far.  I thank you for
- the prayers for our family,
- the texts of sarcasm and understanding when I'm at my emotional end,
- the advice on how to hold it together,
- the lunchtime walks,
- the humorous podcast recommendations {see One Bad Mother},
- the very serious audio book recommendations {see The 5 Love Languages},
- the watching of our sick kids when they can't go to daycare,
-  the marathon meal preparations for our freezer {also, get this app Meal Makeovers}
- the picking up my daughter at school or having her over for a break from babies,
- the pure and simple outpour of LOVE in so many ways. 
I am thankful for LOVE that has been shown to me and my family.

Throwback to where our difficult year began:

When I was little, my mom would drag me outside on our farm at every opportunity to look at the stars, or anything about nature.  She taught me God was as present in the cotton field as in any church.  To be connected to self and the heavens, was just to look up in the night sky.  When Ryan and I (and Kaylie, Rosco, Deuce, Reese, and Abner the fish) moved to Wisconsin, we moved to the country.  It's a bit of a commute, and a bit of an isolating feeling when you don't even have a sidewalk for a stroller.  However, I breathe deeper when I turn off the main road, roll down my windows and let in the crisp fall air as I marvel at the corn fields.  In late summer, while I cook dinner, I get to watch fireflies dance across those fields like a personal performance of Earth's majesty.  On the nights I let the dogs out for a final night stalk of some poor raccoon, I gaze upon a sky full of stars that are numerous beyond any city view's imagination.  I am thankful for the stars, the fireflies, the fall air and the reminders that to everything there is a season.

Kaylie, in advanced reading and advanced math again this year, is quickly becoming a preteen with attitude and all. We've started down that path with the American Girls book "The Care and Keeping of You", which opens up some conversations and allows girls to read the correct facts on their own.
Some days are for the most part lovely, and others I struggle to know if I'm doing it all right with her emotional roller coaster.  For so many years it was just us.  And then we got a dog, Rosco Edward.  And now there are 8 personalities in our house.  Eight.  I have an emotional roller coaster of my own.  I don't know what the correct balance of self preservation and empathy for our children is, but I'm still working through it.  I am grateful for the years of growing up together Kaylie and I have shared, and continue to share.

Costa Rica circa 2005 (just Kaylie and me) on her first adventure to a beach.
Baptism, 2014

My husband.  This guy.  My friend.  Mower of ginormous lawn.  Veterinarian.  House remodeler.  Deer hunter.  Bow hunter.  Fire starter. Tree trimmer. Handy man.  Floor mopper.    Remote control master {why can't I work it}.  Household realist.  Dad. Security.  Love.

These girls. 

I am exhausted, currently battling laryngitis for the second time in a month, coughing, and anxious about my new position at work, but they are little miracles.  And our illness battles around this house are not in the same ballpark as what some families are going through.  I recently learned about this place, Gio's Garden, that offers support and care for kids with special needs and a few hours off for families each week and without charge. 
That is amazing.

Harper and Wrenly are now 5 months adjusted age (7.5 months actual age).  Sometimes it feels like we have the longest newborns ever.  But again, my battles are welcomed.  I got to keep my little girls.  For any complaint I have, I have a prayer of thanks.

You are crazy, girl!  You like to be DOING something at.all.times.  I don't know if you will ever sleep.  You get bored easily.  You want to be touching something always.  Often, this is your sister.  You will roll over, steal her hairbow, pat her hair, pull her ear, stick your hand in her mouth and climb over her just to get a reaction out of her. 

We recently gave you sweet potatoes in the Boon silicon feeder and you were not convinced about them.  You tolerated the smashed grapes with a little less awful expression.  However, you really like Cherry Tylenol.  Your sister does not.

You like to sit in the bouncer like you are cruising down Main Street leaned back in a low rider with the windows down.


Wrenly: You are so mellow, and SO smiley.  We can always count on you for a smile or this look:
After you finish a bottle, your favorite thing to do is make funny noises.
You are much more of a watcher than a do'er.  You prefer to not roll.  You prefer to not hold things.  You prefer to watch other people do things and smile.  You are a huge fan of football on weekends and VocabuLarry on TV in the mornings while I finish getting ready for work.
You were less "unimpressed" with the sweet potatoes than Harper, but you definitely love the smashed grapes in the Boon teether.  Dad figured out this morning that's because
you have your first tooth!
Always happy, and you never mind sleeping. 
You sleep through the night like a champ!
I'm thankful that I got to keep you girls, and I get to be here with you, sick and all. 
 I'm also grateful for Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea.

Rosco E. with the photo bomb.

 So before I finished writing this today (Sunday), Ryan was at a meeting with Kaylie, Wrenly puked everywhere, EVERYWHERE, and Harper screamed the whole time I bathed Wrenly.  And I managed to cough another 1,000 times.  But...

"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything is worthy of praise, dwell on these things." - Philippians 4:8

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