Chalkboard Wall Decal

2:30 PM

Since I won the #weheartyourart contest hosted by, I thought I would share a quick post about how I did it.


I ordered the wall decal from 2berrycreative while it was on a Groopdealz (if you haven't checked this site out, it is a fantastic way to get great deals from boutique and up-and-coming vendors).

I then used a 40 % off coupon for a chalk marker from Michaels to outline the words I wanted with a basic stencil.

I smeared the chalk from the outside in to fill in the letters and control the look to be darker or lighter in some letters (I left the stencil on each letter while smearing).

This wall decal is great quality in that I could erase multiple times with no problems.  It also stuck to the wall AND came off the wall multiple times while I did a contortionist act on a mile high ladder to get it up there and somewhat level.

The best part is, I can change the quote 
anytime I am brave enough to make it back up the ladder.
Go get your decal from 2berrycreative!

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